Eternal ERP

We deliver solutions that address business intricacy with flexible enterprise applications that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively into complex environments. It also gives companies the agility they need to stay competitive by enabling fast, flexible deployment and change on demand of business applications. We are involved in providing different software solutions, as banking, ERP, Hospital, Online Exam, Library, and many more. One of our products is ‘Eternal ERP’.

What is Eternal ERP?

Eternal ERP is a software architecture that facilitates the flow of information among the different functions within an enterprise.

Eternal ERP provides the backbone for an enterprise-wide information system. At the core of this enterprise software is a central database which draws data from and feeds data into modular applications that operate on a common computing platform, thus standardizing business processes and data definitions into a unified environment. The system provides consistency and visibility or transparency across the entire enterprise.
A primary benefit of Eternal ERP is easier access to reliable, integrated information. A related benefit is the elimination of redundant data and the rationalization of processes, which result in substantial cost savings. The integration among business functions facilitates communication and information sharing, leading to dramatic gains in productivity and speed.


Today while concentrating on the core business and its priorities, to efficiently manage and control the business, an effective MIS tool is required. The total ERP solution Eternal ERP is meant for it. The application automates all your information centric activities such that you enter the basic data only once at its source. It can be explored at any time, summarize it for decisions and integrate with other modules.

The Eternal ERP aims at the paperless operations. It also has an objective of supporting top level management with the DSS information for defining policies and strategies, through data warehouse of operational information it builds.

Key Features

  • Total web based application
  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership), can be run on freeware open source OS ‘Linux’, freeware open source database ‘MySQL’, and freeware open source web server ‘Apache Tomcat’.
  • GUI based entry on web
  • Available on variety of OS platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix etc
  • Supports data of any volume
  • No special deployment required on user terminals. It’s all on servers!!!
  • High data security through RDBMS
  • A true Enterprise application with anytime anywhere availability.
  • The application has a strong but flexible policy setting, which enforces the enterprise discipline in the organization.
  • Maintenance of accountability of entry and modifications.
  • Modification trace provided
  • Graphical presentation of information
  • Fast support available through Remote Access Service (RAS) using modems or web

Modules of ERP

  • Materials and Inventory Management
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Payroll
  • Human Resource Development
  • And Many more

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