ARISTA - Mobile Pigmy Collection Data Management System

Pigmy collection has been one of the routine monetary function of many banks & other financial organizations. We are introducing a mobile pigmy collection system for managing the data of pigmy receipts. It is an user friendly software which is easy to use & saves time involved in the process of collecting the pigmy & depositing the collected amount in the bank.

Benefits of “Arista Pigmy Collection Data Management System”:

  • Pigmy agents can use one mobile phone for making calls & pigmy collection.
  • Entry of receipt immediately gets recorded in the server.
  • By using additional SMS receipt software package, the customer can have receipt of the payment in form of SMS on his registered mobile number.
  • After the payment, customer can hear the payment confirmation message in audio format from Pigmy agent`s mobile phone. The physical payment receipt can be given to the customer on next day.
  • One mobile can be used for accepting pigmy & other kind of deposits as well. (Other deposits like saving deposits & microfinance etc.)
  • Mobile phone is much easier to handle & operate as compare to pigmy machine.
  • Pigmy payments get recorded in the server in real time so fraud cases can be avoided at much extent.
  • There is no need to worry about losing recorded data of pigmy payments in case of losing mobile phone as the data is being recorded in the server in real time at the time of saving the entry by the agent.

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