ARISTA - Mobile Smart Slipboy System

Arista Slip Boy Data Management System enables the slip boy to enter the details of the sugar cane production and other details through mobile and these details will be immediately uploaded to the server, which will be used for further analysis.

Benefits Of Arista Slip Boy Data Management System :

  • Easy registration of cane production.
  • Farmer’s data of the selected village can be downloaded from the server.
  • Data can be sorted on village name.
  • Data is immediately uploaded to server and is ready to use at any time for further analysis.
  • No need of Manual data entry to server.
  • Data accuracy is improved.
  • User Friendly.
  • Direct interface with your existing ERP system is possible.
  • Cost saved on appointing data entry operator.
  • All the uploaded data can be viewed together on the server.

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