‘Online Exam Form Entry’ – A Project for Universities

We take the privilege to introduce the Online Exam Form Entry for the betterment of the education system. The Online Exam Form Entry helps the student to apply for exam from anywhere. Students do not have to go to the college and take the application form, fill it and submit it. Online Exam Form Entry allows the student to access the form with their details and required subjects within a fraction of seconds. To get the view of our product please visit, http://online.shivajiuniversity.in

Technology Backbone

  • Front end web page – Browser side technology – HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Server side software technology – Java, JSP, Servlets (J2EE).
  • Web Server – Apache Tomcat (used being freeware, has lowest TCO). Other servers like IBM Http, Oracle can also be used
  • Backend database – Oracle 8i. Any higher version of Oracle or other databases like MS SQL Server or MySQL can also be used.
  • Operating System – Windows 2000. Linux also can be used.
  • Revolutionary modern technology for dynamic web server communication – AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Success Phenomenon

Shivaji University

The Hon. VC in his interview to newspapers claims, “It is a record of Online Exam Form Entry and Shivaji University is perhaps the only University having entered such a large number of forms online”. It is also claimed of more than 1,08,000 forms been entered within the period of single exam, A grand success!

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