Online Examination System


In order to remain competitive the universities have to use the best practices followed globally. Conducting online examinations is one of the practices currently being used is conducting exams globally. So the challenge of number of colleges increasing and that to compete with other institutions can be overcome by online examination system.

The online examination system is an application which runs at the university end and the college end. It is a user friendly application providing facilities of user authority management for security purpose, automating paper generation process with due complexity, automating the exam administration process and generating various reports for decision making purpose. With this exams can be efficiently conducted within the framework of time and cost.

The technology used in this is total web based and on freeware technologies like java, oracle xe, apache tomcat and uses AJAX.

The modules of the application are

  • User Authority Management
  • Paper Generation
  • Exam Session Management
  • Reports

Key Features of the modules

User Authority Management

  • Separate login for all users in the system at the University end and College end.
  • At the University End there are different types of users like panel member, chairman, exam supervisors, coordinators, system administrator (at university) and Controller of Examination (COE).
  • Panel members can only add / modify questions in the question bank, define topics of a subject, difficulty level etc.
  • Chairman can add / modify questions in bank and can generate the paper (random or 3 random sets with questions reshuffling)
  • COE is the only user who can allocate a set (out of three) to the exam and print the passwords.
  • At college end there are users of type internal supervisor, external supervisor, senior supervisor and coordinator. Exam can be administered by the passwords of any two of the two.

Question Bank

  • Questions bank will have a program to add, modify and delete questions from it.
  • The questions have different attributes like subject, topic, marks, difficulty level, question type (MCQ, Yes / No, True / False etc), question text, options and the answer. The question as well as options can be text or image.
  • The paper setter and chairman are able to view the questions and modify them.
  • The questions can be entered into the bank by panel members from house over internet.

Paper Generation

  • A question bank can be created as per policy defined by chairman like how many questions of which topic, which type, marks, difficulty level, question should appear in the paper.
  • Two logics of paper generation are provided
  • • Randomly picked up questions are presented to students at exam time according to the policy set by chairman during paper setting.
    • Three sets are generated at paper setting time according to the policy and one set is fixed up by the COE for exam and each student gets same questions from this set but in a shuffled sequence.
  • Only chairman can generate the paper
  • The online examination system is operated at the university end and at the college end. At university end questions bank is prepared and papers are set. Whereas at college (exam center) end only exams from generated papers are conducted.

Exam Session Management

  • Data of students and generated paper sets is transferred from university main server to laptop server. This laptop is taken to the exam center.
  • Instead of setting laptops to exam centers, the exam can be conducted on a central powerful server at University data center.
  • Supervisors start the exam just before the exam time and the student logins to check their data and read instructions. This is the pre exam session. In this session student cannot view the exam paper.
  • Student is authenticated by his PRN found in the database. In case of late admitted / college transfer students whose PRN data is not entered into the systems before it was transferred to college, can be allowed by the senior examiner, using special authentication.
  • At the exam time, supervisor starts the actual exam, after which students can view the questions and answer them.
  • The application allows students to browse through the paper at will, like they can click question no link or the page no. link to go to it. They are shown the no of questions attempted and not attempted by them.
  • After they solve all questions or the exam time is over they come out of the paper and logout.
  • In case the machine/network of student fails to work or any other valid problem occurs, the system allows him the wasted time to restart his paper and the questions appear as they were in the past session.
  • Supervisor can view the entire exam summary
  • The data can be sent to the university using FTP with the link, username and password provided by University.
  • Facility to backup the exam data.
  • Incase student is experiencing a problem in logging to the system, the supervisor is able to clear is login and he is able to reappear in the system.

Exam Reporting At College End

  • Student attendance report
  • Exam completion report showing session problems occurred.
  • Facility to take backup of the exam data.
  • Supervisors will send the data to University using FTP with the link, username and password provided by University. They will also write the backup on a CD and keep it in custody.

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