ARISTA - Vehicle Tracking System

‘Arista Vehicle Tracking System’ is a complete solution for tracking your vehicle in real time with a simple interface. Monitoring your vehicles has never been so easy.

Benefits Of Arista Vehicle Tracking System:

  • Fleet management becomes easy.
  • The ‘Over Speeding Alert’ facility can help you minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • AC usage display & report for controlling unnecessary AC usage.
  • At the time of emergency & accidents, it is possible to send help exactly at the place.
  • If a vehicle is stolen, you will know exactly where it is located and will be able to recover the vehicle quickly and easily.
  • An ‘Emergency SOS’ button will be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle which is connected to our system hence you can be sure of the safety & security of your driver.
  • The ‘Geo-Fence’ feature will give you alerts if your vehicle is being driven out of the fixed geographical area.

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